mardi 10 novembre 2015

What's new...?


Long time i didn't write here...

A lot of things happen !

1/ NEW JOB!!!
After 2d/3d animation and babysitting (10 years are enough! ;) ) i've begin to work in ...

Set construction!

(yes... really hard work ! ;) )

Worked 3 times with an incredible team who learned me a lot from my first day till now! 


I did 2 others workshop with Moena Maiotui and one with Joelle Berg an other great dancer.
Meeting some new dancers from all over Europe and one from USA.

I worked a lot on choreographies for my association. Hula, Aparima, Ote'a. Children/ level 1/ level 2... solos/duos/groups/... finale...


yes... our arena closed 5 years ago now... but for Christmas, the storekeepers of the city payed a (very) little mobile ice-rink...

So we called some skaters and we made a little show with figure skating and synchronised skating... it was really great to skate again! and fun to do it with some i coached 5 years ago!

It was a very wonderful time! especially for Christmas! Hope we'll have some ice this Christmas again!


Nothing special... new recipices tasted.. i'll poste them soon.
 I made this 3 last year

 and 2 this year : Alien vs Predator.

and one with Stitch in DBZ mood... ;)
(some friends from IMC Normandie were in LA to present their short DBZ fanfiction at the ComicCon)


Went to Réunion Island with my sister for few magical days... it was really great to be back in "mon péi"!
Salazie, Cilaos, Le Tampon, St Pierre, the Volcano (a hike of about 5h... i'll reach the summit this time! took my time so no asthma! and saw the crater... WOW! =D)

some great meals of course... samoussas, bonbons piments, sarcives, gâteau patates... CABRI MASSALE!!! <3

And one of the best moment was... The gift from my sister for my Bday... It was the best of my life!

A horseback ride, in western style, in the savannah of the Cap des the end of the day... watching the sunset on the Indian Ocean then going back at moonlight... the gallop at night was... magical!
about 2h30 of horse riding then a great time talking with our guide who has worked with our father when we lived on the Island! 26 years ago!!! what a coincidence!

I'll post some pictures of this wonderful trip in an other article.


An important event for family! And for the first time cousins (and little cousins!) from both side (paternal and maternal) met each other!

8/ Make some decision for my futur...

Not easy but "sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less" (Nicholas Sparks)... i've left my association of tahitian dance. i've to move and think of my future, my professional and personnal life...

mercredi 1 janvier 2014


Salut! Hi! Iaorana! Aloha! Namaste!

Well... to start 2014, I'll summarize 2013 in few pictures of some important things (for me... ;) ) I did, discovered or learnt!

First : PASTRY!

I made some new cupcakes and  for the first time some 3D cakes with sugar paste!!!

Next: Figure skating and the "Championnat de Normandie"

I went to the French Cup (Synchronised skating) and "Trophée Bompart" (figure skating) with some friends : Nice time! ^^

Then : ORI TAHITI!!! <3

One of the best moments : THE workshop with THE BEST dancer : MOENA MAIOTUI.
Watch these videos :

and... what follows, I discovered it through researches on Hawaiian Tattoo (Kakau)...

I found some old drawings like this one...

Would like to know what caught my attention?
The name of the artist... JACQUES ARAGO...

Who is he? He was a French writer, artist and explorer, author of a Voyage Round the World.

But why his name caught my attention? Because... He's one of my ancestor. 
I knew few things about him and finding his drawings, i discovered a lot about him!

First, he was an artist (i'm a little myself...) he began his "voyage round the world" in 1817, when he was 27 (my current age, funny!) He went to some islands like : Mauritius, Île Bourbon (now ïle de la Réunion, where i was born), ... and to the Islands Sandwich (called Hawaii now) in 1819... and in 1821, at the end of his trip... after discovering a lot of islands and countries... he arrived... in Cherbourg... where we're living for some years! ;)

During his travels, he learnt a lot of things about different culture... at the end of his books, there are little glossaries. One of them is on Hawaiian language... His name and his work are mentioned in the Hawaiian Dictionary, by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H.Elbert. exemple i found (after i baught the dictionary, without knowing about this work... )

n. Cat (noted in Arago's 1819 vocabulary; said by some to be derived from English “poor pussy”). Pōpoki kī, a spitting cat [a spiteful, malignant person]. Pōpoki lehu, Maltese cat; lit., ash cat. Pōpoki nāwaliwali, weak cat [a weakling]. Pōpoki peʻelua, gray cat with darker markings, as a tabby cat; lit., caterpillar cat."


With these researches... I dicovered more about hawaiian culture... like HULA!

 It's a wonderfull dance and there are some incredible dancers!
My favorite Halau (School) is " Ka leo o laka i ka hikina o ka la", their kumu (master) is Kaleo Trinidad.

I discovered this incredible dancer : Natasha Oda :

One of the first performance i watched : the Academy of Hawaiian Arts.

So that was my year 2013! ^^
With a lot of great moments with family like: 4th birthday of my godson and his bro, my own birthday with more people i thought!, the 30th birthday of my elder brother, the 90th of my Grandmother and the 23th of my sister in Paris after her first show as professional skater! So proud of you sister! ;)

 Hope i didn't make too much mistakes... ;)

And now let's start 2014!!! 

Bonne Année!
Happy New Year!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Hau'oli makahiki hou!
Kia hari te tau hou!
Ia orana i te matahiti api!
नया साल मुबारक हो !

lundi 16 septembre 2013

Inspiration : HULA!

A little drawing i just made. Long time i didn't work with colored pencils, not so bad... ^^

jeudi 15 août 2013

Special day : 2nd Part!

So here the rest of this special day...

Well, i said that i will not going to lunch before 3pm... that is what i've done... I had lunch at... 4pm... !!!

My lunch? Inspired by "Huli huli chicken"... really good!

And after this great meal, i took a break before going out with some friends... to restaurant... !!!

Just before to go, i finished to decorate ma Bday Cupcakes, Ananas-coco with a curaçao toping, so here the result! Tasted it when i came home. Good! but few improvements to do : less ananas, a little more baking...




And to finish, the Big Island, Hawai'i

I made some Haupia too, but cut it quickly so the result is not really nice... but the taste is really good, it's the most important, isn't it? ;)

It was a really nice day, finished in restaurant with a little surprise organized by the president of  my ice skating club : more people came! And i got gifts : a cheescake recipices book ^^, a plate with skaters in illustration (really nice, a picture tomorrow), a book on Polynesia and some little words on a card! And a beautiful scarf!

And all the day, messages from family and friends.

Thanks a lot!!!
It was really really great!!! =D

mercredi 14 août 2013

Special Day : Hawaiian inspiration...


Why special day? Because today it's my Birthday!!! i'm 27 till 00h05!!! (even if i wasn't born in France but in ïle de la Réunion, so with the time difference, i'm 27 till yesterday 20h05... ) but it doesn't matter! ;)

For 3 years now, i'm interesting in Polynesia... i dance Ori Tahiti and i would like to learn Hula...
Hula = Hawai'i...

So today, my birthday day...  have a little air and taste of Hawai'i...

To start, breakfast : inspirated by Loco Moco

It's really good! ;)
Eaten at 10 am... i think i'm not going to lunch before 3 pm!!! XD


And during my breakfast just received my Birthday gift from my parents :
First book about art i asked!

Really nice! ^^

Now i'm going to finish my Birthday cupcakes and i've made Haupia.... it's really goooooood!!!! ^^

Bye for now... =D

samedi 29 juin 2013

4th 3D cake...

I made a promise to someone for her birthday.... It's not as beautiful as the reference, but it's not too bad, is it? : \

The reference :

And mine...