mercredi 1 janvier 2014


Salut! Hi! Iaorana! Aloha! Namaste!

Well... to start 2014, I'll summarize 2013 in few pictures of some important things (for me... ;) ) I did, discovered or learnt!

First : PASTRY!

I made some new cupcakes and  for the first time some 3D cakes with sugar paste!!!

Next: Figure skating and the "Championnat de Normandie"

I went to the French Cup (Synchronised skating) and "Trophée Bompart" (figure skating) with some friends : Nice time! ^^

Then : ORI TAHITI!!! <3

One of the best moments : THE workshop with THE BEST dancer : MOENA MAIOTUI.
Watch these videos :

and... what follows, I discovered it through researches on Hawaiian Tattoo (Kakau)...

I found some old drawings like this one...

Would like to know what caught my attention?
The name of the artist... JACQUES ARAGO...

Who is he? He was a French writer, artist and explorer, author of a Voyage Round the World.

But why his name caught my attention? Because... He's one of my ancestor. 
I knew few things about him and finding his drawings, i discovered a lot about him!

First, he was an artist (i'm a little myself...) he began his "voyage round the world" in 1817, when he was 27 (my current age, funny!) He went to some islands like : Mauritius, Île Bourbon (now ïle de la Réunion, where i was born), ... and to the Islands Sandwich (called Hawaii now) in 1819... and in 1821, at the end of his trip... after discovering a lot of islands and countries... he arrived... in Cherbourg... where we're living for some years! ;)

During his travels, he learnt a lot of things about different culture... at the end of his books, there are little glossaries. One of them is on Hawaiian language... His name and his work are mentioned in the Hawaiian Dictionary, by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H.Elbert. exemple i found (after i baught the dictionary, without knowing about this work... )

n. Cat (noted in Arago's 1819 vocabulary; said by some to be derived from English “poor pussy”). Pōpoki kī, a spitting cat [a spiteful, malignant person]. Pōpoki lehu, Maltese cat; lit., ash cat. Pōpoki nāwaliwali, weak cat [a weakling]. Pōpoki peʻelua, gray cat with darker markings, as a tabby cat; lit., caterpillar cat."


With these researches... I dicovered more about hawaiian culture... like HULA!

 It's a wonderfull dance and there are some incredible dancers!
My favorite Halau (School) is " Ka leo o laka i ka hikina o ka la", their kumu (master) is Kaleo Trinidad.

I discovered this incredible dancer : Natasha Oda :

One of the first performance i watched : the Academy of Hawaiian Arts.

So that was my year 2013! ^^
With a lot of great moments with family like: 4th birthday of my godson and his bro, my own birthday with more people i thought!, the 30th birthday of my elder brother, the 90th of my Grandmother and the 23th of my sister in Paris after her first show as professional skater! So proud of you sister! ;)

 Hope i didn't make too much mistakes... ;)

And now let's start 2014!!! 

Bonne Année!
Happy New Year!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Hau'oli makahiki hou!
Kia hari te tau hou!
Ia orana i te matahiti api!
नया साल मुबारक हो !

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