lundi 16 septembre 2013

Inspiration : HULA!

A little drawing i just made. Long time i didn't work with colored pencils, not so bad... ^^

jeudi 15 août 2013

Special day : 2nd Part!

So here the rest of this special day...

Well, i said that i will not going to lunch before 3pm... that is what i've done... I had lunch at... 4pm... !!!

My lunch? Inspired by "Huli huli chicken"... really good!

And after this great meal, i took a break before going out with some friends... to restaurant... !!!

Just before to go, i finished to decorate ma Bday Cupcakes, Ananas-coco with a curaçao toping, so here the result! Tasted it when i came home. Good! but few improvements to do : less ananas, a little more baking...




And to finish, the Big Island, Hawai'i

I made some Haupia too, but cut it quickly so the result is not really nice... but the taste is really good, it's the most important, isn't it? ;)

It was a really nice day, finished in restaurant with a little surprise organized by the president of  my ice skating club : more people came! And i got gifts : a cheescake recipices book ^^, a plate with skaters in illustration (really nice, a picture tomorrow), a book on Polynesia and some little words on a card! And a beautiful scarf!

And all the day, messages from family and friends.

Thanks a lot!!!
It was really really great!!! =D

mercredi 14 août 2013

Special Day : Hawaiian inspiration...


Why special day? Because today it's my Birthday!!! i'm 27 till 00h05!!! (even if i wasn't born in France but in ïle de la Réunion, so with the time difference, i'm 27 till yesterday 20h05... ) but it doesn't matter! ;)

For 3 years now, i'm interesting in Polynesia... i dance Ori Tahiti and i would like to learn Hula...
Hula = Hawai'i...

So today, my birthday day...  have a little air and taste of Hawai'i...

To start, breakfast : inspirated by Loco Moco

It's really good! ;)
Eaten at 10 am... i think i'm not going to lunch before 3 pm!!! XD


And during my breakfast just received my Birthday gift from my parents :
First book about art i asked!

Really nice! ^^

Now i'm going to finish my Birthday cupcakes and i've made Haupia.... it's really goooooood!!!! ^^

Bye for now... =D

samedi 29 juin 2013

4th 3D cake...

I made a promise to someone for her birthday.... It's not as beautiful as the reference, but it's not too bad, is it? : \

The reference :

And mine...

Coconut tart

I made it for our Ori Tahiti Show on June 1st. Really good! ^^

lundi 24 juin 2013


No, this time it's not pictures of cake...
But a picture of the painting i've just finished. There's a long time i didn't paint, it was great and i'm pretty happy with the result. ^^
So here the picture!

jeudi 20 juin 2013

samedi 8 juin 2013

Special cake...

This is the end of the Dance "season" so here is the cake i made for this!
Lemon-coconut, with the pattern of the name of our group in chocolate (my first try! not so bad... ;) )


samedi 13 avril 2013

Bateau... Gâteau...

someone asked me yesterday if i could make a cake for the birthday of her husband... a boat!
well... i was a bit busy so i've made the cake very fast yesterday evening and decorated it this morning in 2h30... so here the result... not exactly what i've had in my little head... but it looks like a boat... ^^

jeudi 11 avril 2013

Cupcakes ... again! ^^

what a beautiful day! a bit of sunshine and a lot of work done! ^^
and some cupcakes made this morning to start the day!
here some pictures :

dimanche 31 mars 2013

Cupcakes : the Spring is here...

First : Happy Easter!

Today, we are really feeling Spring because we have a great sun! =D
So... some flowers for decoration on these green lemon - coconut cupcakes!