mercredi 14 août 2013

Special Day : Hawaiian inspiration...


Why special day? Because today it's my Birthday!!! i'm 27 till 00h05!!! (even if i wasn't born in France but in ïle de la Réunion, so with the time difference, i'm 27 till yesterday 20h05... ) but it doesn't matter! ;)

For 3 years now, i'm interesting in Polynesia... i dance Ori Tahiti and i would like to learn Hula...
Hula = Hawai'i...

So today, my birthday day...  have a little air and taste of Hawai'i...

To start, breakfast : inspirated by Loco Moco

It's really good! ;)
Eaten at 10 am... i think i'm not going to lunch before 3 pm!!! XD


And during my breakfast just received my Birthday gift from my parents :
First book about art i asked!

Really nice! ^^

Now i'm going to finish my Birthday cupcakes and i've made Haupia.... it's really goooooood!!!! ^^

Bye for now... =D

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