jeudi 15 août 2013

Special day : 2nd Part!

So here the rest of this special day...

Well, i said that i will not going to lunch before 3pm... that is what i've done... I had lunch at... 4pm... !!!

My lunch? Inspired by "Huli huli chicken"... really good!

And after this great meal, i took a break before going out with some friends... to restaurant... !!!

Just before to go, i finished to decorate ma Bday Cupcakes, Ananas-coco with a curaçao toping, so here the result! Tasted it when i came home. Good! but few improvements to do : less ananas, a little more baking...




And to finish, the Big Island, Hawai'i

I made some Haupia too, but cut it quickly so the result is not really nice... but the taste is really good, it's the most important, isn't it? ;)

It was a really nice day, finished in restaurant with a little surprise organized by the president of  my ice skating club : more people came! And i got gifts : a cheescake recipices book ^^, a plate with skaters in illustration (really nice, a picture tomorrow), a book on Polynesia and some little words on a card! And a beautiful scarf!

And all the day, messages from family and friends.

Thanks a lot!!!
It was really really great!!! =D

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