mercredi 8 juin 2011

One of my favourites places...


These pictures were taken after our last show in April, 2010. The ice-rink of Cherbourg was closed in May 2010 to be renovated... and we are not sure that it will reopen someday... : (

I practise Figure skating for 19 years (even if this year i didn't skate a lot...), during these 19 years, i practised ballet on ice during 1 year and synchronised skating as skater during 5 years.
I'm initiator/coach assistant in figure skating for 7 years and in sychronised skating during 4 years but during two seasons, i was coaching 2 teams ("initiation" and "prépa +15" ) in 2008-2009, just for show and this season, one juvenile team in competition ( we skated in Coutances or Caen, only 1 time per week...)

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